How to make Sushi Roll

How to make Sushi Roll

A sushi roll is a type of sushi which rolls sushi rice, and sushi ingredients in dried seaweed sheet (nori).

In the widely known Edo style sushi, there are 3 types of rolls. They consist of the basic thin roll (hosomaki, or norimaki in general), the ship roll (gunkanmaki), and the handroll (temaki).Thin rolls consist of one or two ingredients at the most. The second ingredient is usually something that accentuates the main ingredient and doesn’t take up much space. The ship roll is made for ingredients that are soft and loose such as sea urchin. The hand roll is a way of rolling a sushi into a cone. This type of sushi is frequently made at home for its ease and of the lack of details needed for presentation.

Fusion sushi centralizes in a lot of thick rolls (futomaki) which is an Osaka style sushi, However, instead of using cooked ingredients (omelet, dried tofu, poached vegetables, fish cake), for the filling, a variety of raw ingredients of the Edo style sushi and some western condiments are diversely used for them. Also, fusion sushi frequently rolls the sushi rolls inside-out (uramaki) with the rice facing outside for both thin rolls, and thick rolls. Instead of seaweed, a more neutral tasting soy paper is often used as well.

The sushi roll was made to create variations of the original nigiri sushi so it can be held with the hands without getting them sticky. The tuna roll (tekkamaki) is the most basic sushi roll of the Edo style sushi. It was originally made with tuna immersed in soy sauce (zuke method) so it can be eaten anywhere without extra seasonings. The sushi roll has its limitations, for the seaweed has a strong ocean aroma, and destroys the delicate flavors of many fish. Chefs from the Edo period knew this,so they limited the use of most sushi fish in sushi rolls.

There are many ways to say the general sushi roll in Japanese, but they all mean the same thing. Norimaki means seaweed roll, maki sushi or makizushi means rolled sushi, and makimono means rolled product.