Spicy Scallop Roll Recipe – Sushi Roll Recipes

Spicy Scallop 1Spicy scallop tends to slip out of regular rolls that are cut, so it is often made into a handroll or a shiproll. A plain mayonnaise version is popular as well.

Spicy Scallop Roll Ingredients:

Chopped Scallop
Spicy Sauce
Japanese Cucumbers (substitute with regular cucumbers)
Sliced Scallions
Sushi Rice

Spicy Scallop 2  Spicy Scallop 3
Roughly chop the scallops and transfer to abowl. Add the spicy sauce and scallions.

Spicy Scallop 4  Spicy Scallop 5
Mix Thoroughly. For a hand roll set up the ingredients as so. (Shiso leaf is optional)

Spicy Scallop 6  Spicy Scallop 7
Hand Roll.                                                                 Spicy Scallop Ship Roll with Julienned Shiso.

Rolling maki (sushi rolls) for the first time can be a bit of a challenge. Too loose, and the rolls are sloppy and won’t stick together. Too tight, and the fillings get squeezed out of the ends, or your delicate sheets of nori rip apart. Nevertheless, it won’t take more than a little bit of trial and error before you’re rolling your very own homemade roll with the confidence of a sushi master.

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