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Sushi Nutrition Facts

sushi nutrition factsSome interesting facts that may be useful when discussing sushi.

Sushi Nutrition Information

Nutritional breakdown of Sushi. Explains the benefits of this well balanced diet and how to improve it.

Health Benefits of Sushi
Sushi’s health benefits mainly come from fish oil and vinegar, If you can limit your soy sauce use, and limit your carb intakes, you are eating very healthy.

Sushi And Weight Loss

Sushi Diet
A close look on how sushi can help lose weight. General advice on what types of sushi to avoid when losing weight.
Sushi Calories

Calories in Nigiri Sushi
A list of nigiri sushi and their caloric values.

Calories in Fusion Type Sushi Rolls
A list of fusion type sushi rolls and their caloric values.

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