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Hamachi fish, also known as the yellow tail, is included in a group of sushi fish called the “Big Three Yellow tails”. They consist of yellow tail, yellow tail amber jack, and amber jack.

These three fishes are classed as a luxury fish. They are all related, and similar in nature, but the yellow tail is considered the most valuable. It is best during the winter, when it has a very oily texture. The flesh is light red, and rich with deep flavors.

When speaking of sushi, the hamachi is incorrectly referred as the yellow tail (buri) very often. They are both the same,however, hamachi is the farmed version of yellow tail. (please see description of yello wtail)

Hamachi fish Sushi
Hamachi Sushi

The yellow tail sushi during its best season has difficulty seasoning soy sauce to it for its high oil content. The soy sauce literally gets ‘repelled’ off the fish. Although the yellow tail is rich, the oils have a clear, and sweet aftertaste which is accompanied with a bold taste of the flesh.

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Popular style for yellow tail sushi: Nigiri
Popular condiments for Yellow tail: Wasabi (Use Ponzu instead of soy sauce for hamachi)
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