Calories in Fusion Type Sushi Rolls – Sushi Calories

Calories in Sushi (Fusion Type Sushi Rolls)

While sushi calories may vary by their sizes, there are minimal deviations. Here are a list of an average piece (1) of fusion type sushi rolls and their caloric value.

Calories in Fusion Type Sushi Rolls - Sushi Calories

Boston Roll Thin 31 cal California Roll Thin 25 cal Dragon Roll Thick 72 cal Dynamite Roll
Thick 148 cal Philadelphia Roll Thin 71 cal Rainbow Roll
Thick 45 cal Salmon Avocodo Roll Thick 37 cal Spicy Scallop Roll
Thick 49 cal Spicy Shrimp Roll Thick 48 cal Spicy Tuna Roll
Thick 52 cal Spicy Yellow tail Roll Thick 55 cal Spider Roll Thick 51 cal Tempura Roll Thin 40 cal Tijuana Roll Thin 30 cal Tuna Avocodo Roll Thick 41 cal

1/3 cup of  Japanese short grain rice is  used for a one thick  roll of  fusion  type sushi rolls which equate to about 207 calories. Rolls are cut into  8 pieces so one average rice portion is equal to about 26 calories. A thin roll will average to about 15 rice calories per serving.

1/4 of an avocado is used for rolls which is about 60 calories, and 8 calories per serving.

1 cup of spicy sauce is about 800 calories and roughly 100 calories for a whole roll or 13 calories are used per serving for spicy roll.

1 shrimp tempura is equal to about 60 calories.

Other ingredients such as sushi rice vinegar, and eel sauce are factored in to according rolls.