Sushi Balls or Temari Sushi: the Classic Kyoto Sushi

Temari Sushi BallsSushi Balls, also known as Temari sushi, are classic Kyoto sushi which directly translates to “ornamental ball sushi”.

Temari are balls which are wrapped with thread that are woven into patterns, and were originally toys made for children dating back 1000 years, but they are now used for interior decoration.

temariKyoto’s temari sushi are created by roughly shaping a ball out of sushi rice, and then placing an ingredient on top. They are then wrapped with a damp cloth (plastic wrap is used more often these days) and molded into a sphere with the hands so the ingredients adhere to the sushi rice.

Unlike the well known Edo style sushi, all the ingredients used are either simmered or cured.


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