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How to Make Sushi
It is easy to make Sushi if you get the basics right. It is important to use fresh ingredients, and to prepare the sushi rice properly.

How Sushi Is Made

Making Sushi
A simple description of how a sushi chef will go about in preparing sushi. It is recommended to skim through the general steps involved in making sushi before you learn anything.

Making Sushi at Home
Anyone can make sushi at home if they knew how to (There are no guarded secrets!). This is a general reading to familiarize yourself about making your own sushi at home. You can then move on to the free sushi classes that we have prepared for you.

Sushi Rice

How to Cook Rice with a Pot
Don’t have a rice cooker? Do not worry. Rice was always cooked with a pot before the rice cooker was invented. Learn how to cook rice with what you already own.

Sushi Rice Vinegar Recipe
Instead of using premixed bottles, the sushi rice vinegar should be made yourself. It is really simple and you can make your sushi taste better.

Sushi Rice Recipe
The sushi rice can seriously alter the way your sushi will taste. Learn how to make sushi rice properly.

How to Make Sushi Rice with Tools You Already Own
You can make sushi rice with what you already have in your kitchen. Be sure to use something with a large flat surface, and to fan the rice more often.

How to Make Sushi

How to Make Nigiri Sushi
Learn all the forms of making nigiri sushi. Once you get a hang of it , you can be making 15-20 pieces of your own sushi in about one minute.

How to Make Sushi Rolls
Learn the correct way to make beautiful sushi rolls. Most of them are rolled incorrectly because the setup is not performed properly.

Other Recipes for Making Sushi

Sushi Sauce Recipes
Recipes for sauces that are used in all types of sushi.

Spicy Tuna Recipe
Spicy tuna is a fusion type sushi ingredient and has a few variations. Learn how to make this delicious filling.

How to Make Tempura
Learn how to prepare the batter so the tempura becomes light and crisp.

Shrimp Tempura Recipe
Want to know how to prevent the shrimp from curling? Learn how to prepare and make shrimp tempura.

How to Make Tempura Crunches
A very simple recipe. Make tempura crunches for your garnishing or crunchy rolls while you make tempura.

How to Poach Shrimp for Sushi Rolls
How to poach shrimp for Boston rolls, and spicy shrimp rolls.

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    Does the fish have to be previously frozen? I have heard that the fish has to be frozen for three days for health reasons, and also that it improves the taste.


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