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Supreme Tuna Belly Sushi

Supreme Tuna Belly Sushi

Otoro Sushi

Supreme tuna belly is the lowest section of the tuna belly (toro) and is highest in fat content. It is rich with omega 3 oils and can melt in your mouth. It is often confused with the regular tuna belly, and they (toro, otoro) are commonly thought as the same section of the tuna . Compared to a regular tuna belly, it is distinctly more marbled, and lighter in color.

Some chefs take extra care when making supreme tuna belly sushi. Immediately before the sushi is made, slices of the supreme tuna belly is sometimes very gently heated at a far position from the grill for a second or two to bring it close to room temperature. This is to completely “liquefy” the oils, and the flesh is not to be burnt. It should remain absolutely raw in this case. It is considered the best at slightly lukewarm temperature, and should not be consumed straight out of the refrigerator case in order to enjoy the texture at its maximum. 

Supreme tuna belly is very competitive for the sushi chefs to get at the fish market for its scarcity. The auctioned price can become ridiculously high on some days with few tuna catches. For these reasons, it is not seen in your local sushi restaurants everyday.

Like all tuna belly sections, it is best consumed at its natural state, and nothing extra is needed to enjoy this part of the tuna. Soy sauce should be used sparingly for this sushi.

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Popular style for supreme tuna belly: Nigiri
Popular condiments for supreme tuna belly: Wasabi

Specialty: Quickly heated

Category: Red Fish (Akami)