Sushi Class – How to Make Sushi

What is Sushi Class?

The free courses in this Sushi Class are for people who want to make sushi at home. They are very comprehensive and detailed for your benefit. Most of the preparations only require a few tries to get comfortable with. Be sure to have the sushi rice prepared correctly. This should be your first priority.
Sushi Class - How to Make Sushi

Once you get to the advanced level (which is not very hard) you will be preparing the sushi rice better than the majority of the sushi restaurants out there. The actual construction of the sushi or making sushi rolls may take more practice, but sushi is more about the ingredients; presentation is very important as well, but it is closely second in priority. Hopefully these lessons can help you prepare and enjoy high quality sushi at home.

Sushi Class Beginner Level
Learn to cook rice, prepare sushi rice and the hand roll. [More details here]

Sushi Class Intermediate Level
More emphasis will be made on the sushi rice, and the basic nigiri, thin sushi roll and ship roll are introduced. [More details here]

Sushi Class Advanced Level
The sushi rice will be perfected at this level, and the outside thin and thick roll are introduced as well as
another nigiri methods for stiffer ingredients. [More details here]

Sushi Class Semi-Professional Level
At this level, you will be choosing whole fish from the wholesale market and preparing them. [More details here]

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