Geoduck Sushi – Sushi Shellfish

geoduckGeoduck is a large sized clam, but only the valve or the leg is worth tasting.

For sushi, the valve is used mainly. The valve is first washed, and the tip is cut off. Then the outer flesh is skinned, and the valve is cut along its length and rolled out so it becomes flat.

2~4 pieces of nigiri can be made from one geoduck. It is thinly sliced so it is easy to bite.

Besides sushi, the chefs can prepare the legs and quickly grill them. They are chewy and have a sweet flavor.

In sushi terminology, this is nick named mirushita or geoduck tounge, since the leg looks like a tongue when it is still in the shell.

Mirugaigetsits name because the geoduck feeds on kelp (miruin Japanese fishery terminology ). This eventually became mirukui,or “kelp eater” and this nameis often used as well. However, the name mirugai,or “kelp clam” is more widely used between common people.

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