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Tuna Roll RecipeThe tuna roll is a basic roll made into a thin roll. No other ingredients are used, and the rice is rolled inside.

These sushi rolls have a common name for different rolls of sushi with two things in common: the use of tuna, and a spicy sauce. The basic concept for all the sushi rolls are similar, but the details often differ.

This roll is diced into small pieces, so the size of the initial block doesn’t matter. So it’s a great solution for odd shape blocks of tuna you might end up having that won’t fit any other roll.




Tuna RollTuna Roll Ingredients:

Tuna strips
Sushi Rice (steamed rice seasoned with sushi vinegar)



Rolling maki (sushi rolls) for the first time can be a bit of a challenge. Too loose, and the rolls are sloppy and won’t stick together. Too tight, and the fillings get squeezed out of the ends, or your delicate sheets of nori rip apart. Nevertheless, it won’t take more than a little bit of trial and error before you’re rolling your very own homemade roll with the confidence of a sushi master. Most sushi rice has a bit of vinegar added to it while cooling – however, you may left it out to keep this an easy recipe to whip up using leftover rice and a few pantry staples.

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