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sushi boston roll
Sushi Boston Roll is a famous Sushi recipe which is very similar to the California roll with just slight variations, for example, Instead of imitation crab, poached shrimp is used in it.

The recipe includes no raw fish; hence breaking the famous myth that all sushi being made with raw fish folded in seaweed.

So if you are not a fan of raw fish, you should definitely give this one a go.

Sushi Boston Roll can also be made with crab, salmon or scallion instead of shrimp. It is most famous for its rare taste and spicy flavor. Sliced avocado adds a fresh essence into the roll while Masago makes in crunchy and much more delicious.

Boston roll is usually served with soya sauce, wasabi and pickled garlic. It is also one of the easiest sushi recipes to make at home. Don’t believe me?

Have a look at the list of all the ingredients that you need!

Boston Roll Ingredients:

  • 2/3 cup Sushi rice
  • 1/2 Avocado
  • 10 medium size Shrimp
  • 1 Nori sheet
  • 1/2 Cucumber
  • 2-4 tsp Masago

That’s right; you just need 7 ingredients to make this wonderful sushi roll. Here’s the step by step guide on how to ace this recipe in just 45 minutes.

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Note: While Masago (smelt roe) is generally used in a Boston Roll, some Sushi chefs also use Tobiko (flying fish roe). Tobiko sometimes has different flavors like smoked, spicy, and wasabi etc. with different colors like red, orange, black, and green.

How to make a Boston Roll: Step by Step Guide

Step 1:

Okay, before we move forward to the actual recipe, it’s wise to first wrap plastic sheet on your bamboo mat so that the sushi rice doesn’t stick on your mat. This small step can prove to be very helpful and save you a lot of mess and trouble.

Step 2:

Cut your Nori sheet in half and place it on the mat. You can also break it in two but if you are an amateur it’s better to just use scissors. Make sure that the shiny side is facing the mat. You can also use the whole Nori sheet but usually, half of it is used.

Step 3:

Take a handful of vinegar rice and start placing it on the sheet. Do not press it or it would not be fluffy and the texture would not be as good. So make sure that you do not press.

Step 4:

Take 1 or 2 spoons of Masago (according to your taste) and sprinkle it on top sushi rice. You don’t want all of it in one place and plain rice on the other. So spread it as evenly as possible, it might get sticky but try to be really gentle and part the roe without breaking them.

Step 5:

Now, this is the tricky part; flip the Nori sheet carefully so that your rice is facing the mat. You can also roll your sheet without flipping, this way Nori would be the outer layer. However, in most places, they serve it the other way around.

Step 6:

Sushi Boston Roll Recipe - Sushi Roll RecipesStart placing Shrimp on the nori. Make sure you line them up close to the end so that rolling is easier. Place small sticks of cucumber next to the shrimps. Now place thick and long slices Avocado on top of the shrimp. Add a few drops of lemon on top if you want, it would keep the avocado fresh and not turn brown.

Step 7:

Now slowly roll your sushi using the bamboo mat, inside out. Make sure to be really gentle so that you don’t squish any of the ingredients. Remember, patience is the key!

Step 8:

Boston RollYour sushi roll is now ready and all you need to do now is cut it into pieces. Remember this recipe would make 8 pieces of sushi. To make sure all the pieces are equal in size, cut the roll in half first, now cut each part in half again, and repeat for the rest. As the Nori sheet and shrimps are not as easy to cut so make sure that you use a very sharp knife and also wet it to cut more smoothly. If you are a beginner, you can also use plastic wrap around the sushi so that it doesn’t fall apart while cutting.
Your Sushi Boston roll is now ready! This recipe serves one person and has around 310 calories per serving. Enjoy!


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