Spicy Shrimp Roll Recipe – Sushi Roll Recipes

Spicy Shrimp Roll Recipe

Spicy Shrimp Roll Recipe

Spicy shrimp roll recipe is based on cool, poached shrimp. It  is made into an outside thick roll, hand roll, or a ship roll.

Make sure to completely cool the poached shrimp before the spicy sauce is added.

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Chopped Poached Shrimp
Spicy Sauce
Japanese Cucumbers (substitute with regular cucumbers)
Sliced Scallions
Sushi Rice

Spicy Shrimp 2  Spicy Shrimp 3
Add the poached shrimp, spicy sauce, and scallions to a bowl, and mix thoroughly.

Spicy Shrimp 4
For a hand roll, set up the ingredients as

Spicy Shrimp 5  Spicy Shrimp 6
SpicyShrimp Hand roll.                                 Spicy Shrimp Ship Roll with sliced myoga

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