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Sushi Health BenefitsThere are many Sushi health benefits for a person with normal health. All dishes (excluding eel, and some fusion style sushi)are low in saturated fat and high in protein. There may be a slight load in carbohydrates in thick sushi rolls, but it is negligible for nigiri sushi since they are small in amount.

High content of fish oil is the main health factor which promotes a healthy cardiovascular system. The hikarimono, or shiny fishes (mackerel, Spanish mackerel, sardine, Pacific Saury) contain the highest amounts of EPA and DHA omega3 fats. (Ironically they are the least expensive fishes). These fishes are also high in vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant.

Nori contains a great source of minerals found in the ocean and vinegaracts as an important factor in promoting cell metabolism. People who usevinegar frequently (to dress salads, blend with soy sauce, or drink in smallamounts (please refer to rice vinegar in choosing the best ingredients) havelower percentages of body fat.

Unfortunately, people with type I or II diabetes should stay away from sushi, and stick to sashimi. Individuals with high blood pressure must limit their use of soy sauce (see: how to eat sushi).

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