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toro tuna Tuna Belly Sushi

Toro Tuna, or Tuna belly (fatty tuna), is generally considered the king of sushi ingredients. It doesn’t have much use in other dishes. Only a small portion of it is available per tuna and it is usually very expensive.

Tuna belly is very oily and high in omega 3.

The best tuna belly sushi will literally melt in ones mouth. This can happen with an otoro sushi, or supreme tuna belly sushi. It is the lowest area located on the tuna belly.

Some people like to lightly singe the tuna belly before it is made into a nigiri. This is called aburi toro (lightly grilled tuna belly). By doing this it quickly heats the fat and makes the tuna belly even more creamier and “wakes up” some flavors. Light grilling is frequently used for oily salmon as well.

Tuna belly used to be scrapped in the early days. The Japanese were not used to very rich and oily food in the past, and it wasn’t considered a delicacy. However due to changes in preferences, oily food is highly prized these days and not limited to sushi.

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Popular style for tuna belly sushi: Nigiri
Popular condiments for tuna belly sushi:Wasabi
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