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Sea Bass SushiSea bass represents the white fishes during the summer. The black sea bream is also a white fish that is in season during the summer, but less favorable when compared to the sea bass. It is mild in fat and has a tough flesh compared to other white fishes. For this reason it is sliced thinner.



In order to make it more refreshing some of the fat is taken out by quickly immersing sliced flesh into hot water blended with rice wine (yubiki method). It is then immediately shocked in ice water and the resulting flesh becomes lighter in fat so the so the flavors of the sea bass are pulled out,and the flesh becomes a little softer. Sea bass has always been enjoyed with a little chopped pickled plum, since the sour flavors bring out the sweetness more than wasabi does for its case.


Popular styles: Nigiri
Popular condiments: Wasabi,or chopped umeboshi
Category: White Fish (Shiromi)


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