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Scallop SushiScallop sushi is the softest sushi in the shellfish category. The sweetness of the scallop is easily tasted due to its high glycogen content. The muscle that connects the organs to the shell is used for the main sushi ingredient. Other parts of the body are not used. Scallops have big cylindrical connector (or adductor) muscles since they can jump and swim near the ocean floor.
The scallop is prepared by immersing them in saltwater with the same concentration of seawater. This way, they expel sand that is trapped in their system. After they are shelled the flat cylindrical muscle is butterflied just enough to barely keep the two pieces connected. The cut piece is then flattened out and made into a nigiri. If it is barely grilled, the sweetness increases, however, the fresh texture is lost. To intensify the sweetness of the scallop,it is best to use wasabi, but sea salt, and a drop of citrus works good as well instead of soy sauce.

Besides sushi or sashimi, scallops are enjoyed by grilling them in their shell with butter. A dash of rice wine and soy sauce enhances the flavors.

Popular style: Nigiri
Popular condiments: Wasabi, Salt, Yuzu
Category: Shellfish (Kairui)

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