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Pacific Saury SushiPacific saury are best during autumn. They are categorized in the shiny fishes, and considered an economical fish since they are abundant. They are more widely enjoyed by having them grilled with a drop of sudachi (Japanese citrus), but fresh  saury is tastes good when they are raw as well. They have a strong fishy scent which is characteristic of the shiny fishes, but is very mild compared to mackerel, or sardine.


Pacific saury have many rib bones that run across the body, and they have to be filleted at a narrow angle compared to other fishes. Some bones can be missed, so they are pulled out with tweezers, so the flesh has to be fresh as possible, or else it will tear.


Pacific saury is often accompanied with grated ginger and scallions

Popular styles: Nigiri
Popular condiments: Shoga,Negi
Category: Shiny Fish (Hikarimono)


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