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Octopus Sushi is one of the widely consumed Sushi in Japan. Octopus is always poached for sushi, and the leg is the section used. It is eaten raw as a sashimi plate, but it requires to be sliced very thinly because it is tough to chew on. The second reason it is cooked is because it is too bland when it is raw. It has sweet aromas,but it is very hard to taste.


The octopus is first washed with salt by exfoliating the slippery texture that it has on its skin. Then it is massaged for a while and thumped with a peeled daikon radish. The radish’s juices helps it become very soft when it is poached. If all these steps are ignored before poaching, the octopus will result in a chunk of rubber.

After poaching, the octopus’s sweet aromas are enhanced, though still very faint. Like the squid, it is hard to make into a nigiri because the slice is flat and stiff. A belt of nori is commonly used to fasten the octopus to the sushi rice. Some people like the crunchy texture of the tentacles, so they are sometimes all removed, one by one, and served as a boat roll or gunkanmaki.
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Popular style for octopus sushi: Nigiri
Popular condiments for octopus sushi:Wasabi
Specialty: Tentacles prepared as Ship Roll (gunkanmaki)
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