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Egg Sushi

Tamago Sushi – the Egg Sushi

The main ingredient for egg sushi is sweet egg omelet. It is usually eaten at the end of the dinner as a desert to curb the appetite.

Although not the most popular ingredient in sushi, it is the egg sushi that sushi chefs used to compete against each other, or to show off their skills.

In sushi restaurants, egg is the only ingredient that is modified from the original form of the ingredient, and turning an ordinary ingredient such as an egg into a top grade sushi ingredient was a great challenge for many chefs.

Unfortunately, many sushi restaurants today don’t follow this tradition as much as they did in the past, and the egg sushi is nothing spectacular. There were varieties of egg sushi, and some of them had pureed light tasting white fish beat inside of them to change the texture of the egg.

The key to making a good egg omelet for sushi is to use charcoal heat. The thermal rays from charcoal have a higher frequency, and the egg becomes fluffier compared to a gas or electric stove. (Please see traditional sushi)

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