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Zushi Sushi is the same meaning as sushi. There is a grammatical rule of ‘hardening’ the first letter the suffix of a compound word if it is a certain group of consonants ( see table below). Therefore the word zushi will never be used alone. It will be always be proceeded by another noun, adjective, verb or adverb.

zushi sushi

For the sake of avoiding confusion, this website will not use Japanese compound words, and refer to them separately, or otherwise make notations.

Some common examples of sushi terms following this grammatical rule are:

Consonant Altered Consonant Word Combination Translation  Resulting Compound Word
K G Hotate Kai Scallop Clam Hotate(g)ai
S, Tsu Z Edomae Sushi Edo Style Sushi Edomae(z)ushi
Usu Tsukuri Thin Preparation Usu(z)ukuri  (A popular sashimi style)
T D Ma Tai True Red Snapper Ma(d)ai
H,F B Sashimi Bocho Sashimi Knife Sashimi(b)ocho
Gin Funa Silver Carp Gin(b)una  (Used for nare sushi, or narezushi)
Sh J Sashimi Shoyu Sashimi Soy Sauce Sashimi(j)yoyu

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