Japanese Sea Bass – Sushi Fish

Sea Bass is a shusseuo or a promoting fish, which have different names according to their age.

Japanese sea bass have shiny white flesh with an easily recognizable, broad-flaked structure and a mild flavor. They have traditionally been one of the most popular targets for Japanese anglers.

In the Kantō region, including Shizuoka Prefecture, it is called seigo when under 25 cm. At three years of age, when it has attained a length of near 60 cm, it is called fukko or suzuki. Because their name changes as they grow. The Japanese have associated them with advancement in life and believe it to symbolize good fortune.

sea bassThe sea bass is known to have a clean white flesh and the sashimi is beautiful compared to other white fishes.

Contrary to its name, the sea bass is a very tough fish and can withstand mild pollution. For this reason the species that were caught in industrial areas (they don’t make it to the fish markets) smelled of a hint of crude oil.

Sea bass is a popular sushi fish, but it is more appreciated as an arai (rinsed sashimi). The flesh becomes very turgid, and is more favored than a regular sashimi.


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