Mantis Shrimp – Sushi Crustacean

In Japanese cuisine, Mantis shrimp is eaten boiled as a sushi topping, and occasionally, raw as sashimi.

These shrimps are in season from spring to early summer. They require extra work when they are fished since they have a mechanism to digest their body and completely melt when they are in threat. For this reason, they were used for fertilizer in the old days if they were caught my accident.

The mantis is also nicknamed as the hunter shrimp. It has a very strong punch that can crack shells and crabs. Contrary to its violent characteristics,the name shako comes from the shakunage flower, which have light violet petals similar to the color of their shells. Shakunageebi (shakunage shrimp) eventually became shaku ebi, and then shakoebi.

mantis shrimp

The female mantis shrimp carry eggs during the season which are called katsubushi.

These roes are rich in flavor and add flavor to the mantis shrimp. The female mantis shrimp are more expensive during the seasons for this reason.

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