Yuzu Kosho – Sushi Condiments

Yuzu KoshoYuzu Kosho is grated yuzu peels and green chili peppers with added salt.

It is left alone for a few days so the flavors bind together.

In Japanese, kosho can refer to any pepper, including ground black pepper.

The more modern term for chili pepper is togarashi, and kosho is an older term which was used when peppers, and chili where rare, and seldom used for food and therefore anything with a spice was referred to this term.

Yuzu Kosho originates from southern Japan.

Yuzu Kosho is frequently used for ingredients with a smell that can bother the taste of the ingredient.The yuzu peels help wash away any excess aromas that can be bothering. They are used for sashimi of fresh water fish which have a slight earthy scent. They are also used for beef and chicken sashimi to rid them of the raw smell that are unique in  land animals.

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