Negi – Sushi Condiments

Negi is Japanese name for the scallions. Thinly sliced Negi is a common Sushi condiment.

NegiThe sliced term is called kizami negi. Only the whitish area near the root is used, and the dark green tip is often not used uncooked, for it has a bitter, and leafy smell that can overpower the taste of most ingredients.

In Japan, scallions are cultivated in two separate ways. In Western Japan, “leaf” green scallions are typically consumed, where the green portion is consumed.

In Eastern Japan, “root” green scallions are popular. The scallions are partially buried, so a portion of the stalk is kept underground. As a result, a significant part of the stalk remains white in color, and has been cultivated to be very thick. The green portion of these “root” scallions are discarded, and the thick white portions of the scallion are consumed.

In Japanese cuisine, scallions are used in abundance, as an accompaniment to tofu, noodle dishes, hot pots, and stir fries.

Sliced NegiGenerally the Edo (Tokyo) style prefers using the sweeter tasting green scallions. Osaka cuisine prefers the spicier tasting scallions that taste close to young onions.


It has a mild anti-bacterial property. It is often used together with shoga, to soften the strong taste of the shoga oils.

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