Sushi and Pregnancy – Sushi Concerns

sushi and pregnancyPregnant women are curious to know whether they should stay away from Sushi, and fish in general, during pregnancy due to presence of mercury in fish.

According to some discussion, pregnant women should stay away not only from sushi, but seafood in general. They should especially be careful not to consume tuna, or swordfish, which have the highest mercury content. Although there are no threats to the mother, recent studies indicate that the undeveloped fetus is prone to neurological, and brain damages due to low levels of mercury that are found in seafood.

Methyl mercury, the form of mercury contained in seafood, takes up to 70 days to expel half the amount contained in the body.

If pregnancy is expected, the mother should refrain from sea food beginning from months in advance.

If the pregnancy was unexpected, it should not be much of a concern, since it is usually near 4 months into pregnancy when the blood from the mother begins to transfer to the fetus.

Caution should be taken after the infant is born as well, since mercury can be transferred through breastfeeding,though lower in amounts compared to blood

One other concern about sushi consumption during pregnancy is the fact that it contains raw fish. Any kind of properly prepared food contains microorganisms at a safe level. Sushi is no exception,but it tends to have more, since it is raw. A healthy person can fight them off with hardly any effort, but for pregnant women, the immune system should be saved for any other contingencies to protect the fetus. It should not do any unnecessary work by eating raw fish.

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