Real Shrimp Sushi made with Kuruma Shrimp

Real Shrimp Sushi Shrimp sushi has definitely lost its reputation throughout these years. Unfortunately, smaller and cheaper alternatives are used for the scarcity of the originally used kuruma shrimp(above images). There are many species of shrimp but the kuruma shrimp was solely used for Edo style sushi, since it was the best shrimp available around the current Tokyo bay. Kuruma shrimp is also available in the west coasts of Africa, the Red Sea and South East Asia, but they are becoming rare and expensive, therefore seldom make it to an average sushi bar in Japan. They are hardly ever seen in sushi bars in the western world.

The black tiger shrimp is a delicious shrimp and they are very abundant. It is what you typically see at your local sushi restaurant and is the best alternative to the kuruma shrimp, but when they are compared, there is no match. The kuruma shrimp is much larger, has a meatier flesh, and has a sweeter aftertaste. The black tigerĀ  shrimp is not jucy and tasty enough to match with the sushi rice. Kuruma shrimp is considered tasty as much as Japanese Ise lobster (Ise-ebi), and they are enjoyed not only as sushi.

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