Sushi Rice Vinegar Recipe – How to Make Sushi


Howto Make Sushi Rice Vinegar

The sushi rice vinegar is hard to taste when it is hot, so you must aim for a slightly weak flavor while you are adjusting taste during preparation. After it is cooled, the flavors become more evident, so try not to completely depend on your senses while while it is hot. If you do not have sweet rice wine, sugar maybe used,but use only small amounts. The sugar is not supposed to be tasted in the sushi rice vinegar.

The amount of the ingredients depends on how strong the rice vinegar is, but here is a guideline:



RiceVinegar 1/2 cup
RiceWine 1 Tbsp
SweetRice Wine 2 Tbsp
Kelp2’x2’ piece
Salt1 Tsp
Sugar(optional substitute for sweet rice wine) 2 Tsp

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Sushi Rice Vinegar 1


Breaka piece of kombu, and lightly rinseit
in cold water. Place the rice vinegarinside a
pot and add the kombu. (Itis important to
add the kombu whilethe vinegar is cold)


Sush Rice Vinegar 2   Sushi Rice Vinegar 3Setthe heat on low and wait untilit barely simmers. When it starts to simmer,  Wait about
a minute to let the kombu extracts infuse.

Sushi Rice Vinegar 4
Take the kombu out and discard. It does not
take much time to extract the necessary
flavors of kombu.

Sushi Rice Vinegar 5


Addsake, mirin, and salt and simmer for
another five minutes to reduce the alcohol.

Sushi Rice Vinegar 6


Letthe vinegar cool to room temperature.
(The flavors of all the ingredients become
intact after letting thesushi ricevinegar rest
in the refrigerator for about one or two days.)