Sushi Rice Recipe – How to Make Sushi

Sushi Rice Recipe

How to Make Sushi Rice

Sushi rice recipe is very simple, but it all depends on the quality of the ingredients and a few simple tricks to follow.It is also important to know what the purpose of the sushi rice is for in order to perfect it.

If you don’t own sushi supplies, please refer to: How to Make Sushi Rice with Tools You Already Own.

 Prepare sushi rice vinegar in advance or use a pre-mixed sushi rice vinegar, and cook rice.

Sushi Rice Recipe 1
When the rice is ready, immediately transfer
it to a sushi bucket while it is steaming hot.
Try to drop the rice(upside down out of the
pot) towards the center of the bucket.

Sushi Rice Recipe 2
While the rice is still clumped together,
evenly pour the sushi rice vinegar over the
rice by using the rice paddle. The vinegar
will drain through the gaps between the rice.

Sushi Rice Recipe 3   Sushi Rice Recipe 4
Use the rice paddle, and at an angle of about 45 degrees,quickly flatten out the rice over
the whole surface of the sushi bucket. Do not use too much force for it may smash or
break the rice.

Sushi Rice Recipe 5
The rice should be spread out as so.

Sushi Rice Recipe 6


Use the rice paddle, and gently run through
the rice by making several parallel grooves
length wise. Slowly rotate the sushi bucket
and repeat running through the rice to make
a grid pattern (one rotation should be enough).

Sushi Rice Recipe 7   Sushi Rice Recipe 8
Starting from the edge of the sushi bucket,use the rice paddle to collect the rice over to
the side of the sushi bucket. When doing this, use as many small motions as possible while
‘tumbling’small amounts of rice each time. Do not try to flip big clumps of ricefor itwill not
cool it evenly.

Sushi Rice Recipe 9   Sushi Rice Recipe 10
Quickly flip the rice over with big scoops to flip the whole clump of rice.This is to bring the
lower level of the other half of the rice that has not surfaced. Use the rice paddle to spread
out the rice over the whole surface of the sushi bucket once again. Use several small
motions to ‘tumble’ the rice.

Sushi Rice Recipe 11
Use a hand fan and further cool the rice.

Sushi Rice Recipe 12   Sushi Rice Recipe 13
Once again, flip small amounts of riceat a time to collect the rice towards the other side of
the sushi bucket. Dampena tenugui, or a wet cloth and cover the sushi bucket. (Done)

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