Spicy Tuna Recipe – How to Make Sushi

Spicy Tuna Recipe

Spicy tuna is a filling made for fusion type sushi rolls. They are made with chopped tuna trimmings and red chili condiments. There are few variations to the recipe, and we will explain the three most common types.


Spicy Tuna 1   Spict Tuna 2
Get a block of tuna sashimi or sashimi trimmings. Dice them into small pieces.

Spicy Tuna 3   Spicy Tuna 4
Use a deba knife or a big knife and chop them finely. Add thinly sliced scallions.

Spicy Tuna 5   Spicy Tuna 6
Give it a few more chops, and then transfer to a bowl.

Spicy Tuna 8   Spicy Tuna 9
Add chili oil and mix together.

Spicy Tuna 11
Fora creamier texture, Japanese 
mayonnaiseis added (right image).

(Sriracha sauce is used instead of chili oil for a bolder flavor accentuated with garlic, however the mixture will become a little loose)

Spicy Tuna 12   Spicy Tuna 13
After the tuna and scallions are chopped,add the sriracha sauce and Japanese

Spicy Tuna 13   Spicy Tuna 15
Mix thoroughly.