How to Make Sushi Rolls (Outside Thick Sushi Rolls)

How to Make Outside Thick Sushi Rolls (Uramaki)

Sushi Rolls: Outside Thick Roll 1   Sushi Rolls: Outside Thick Roll 2
Use 2/3 of the nori (width wise). You need less nori for outside sushi rolls. Face the shiny
side of the nori down, and the long side facing you. Apply sushi rice as so. Leave a strip of
open space(3/4 in) on the top. The thickness of the rice should be about 1/10 of an inch.
(The sushi rice in the picture is about 3/10 in thick since I ran out of spicy tuna and therfore
needed more rice to make the roll thick). Cover the sushi mat with plastic wrap and flip over
the nori so the open strip is remains at the top.  Leave a small gap between the sushi rice
and the edge of the sushi mat.

Sushi Rolls Outside Thick Roll 3   Sushi Rolls Outside Thick Roll 4
Create a wall (slope) by adding rice in the open gap. This part of the sushi rice will merge
with the open strip of nori on the other side so the nori wraps the ingredient in a closed
circle and not a number “6” or “9” helix shape. This wall should be about  3/4 in high.
Apply the ingredient(s) very thinly, and spread out wide as possible.

Sushi Rolls Outside Thick Roll 5   Sushi Rolls Outside Thick Roll 6
Pinch together the ends of the sushi mat and close in the open strip of nori and the wall
of sushi rice, so it lands over the nori. Tighly grip the sushi roll.

Sushi Rolls Outside Thick Roll 7   Sushi Rolls Outside Thick Roll 8
Wet the sashimi knife and slice into 8 pieces.

Perfect sushi rolls are ready for consumption.

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