Making Sushi – How to Make Sushi

Making Sushi - How to Make Sushi
Here are general preparations for making sushi that sushi chefs go through before they welcome customers. Please use this as a general guideline of how sushi is made.

Checklist for Making Sushi:

Maintenance of Equipment
It is important to keep all the equipment clean and to sharpen the sashimi knife frequently.

Choosing the Best Ingredients
The simplicity of sushi makes it require to use the best ingredients possible.

Choosing the Best Fish
Without a good fish, there is no point in making sushi. Chefs strive every day to obtain the best catches of the day.

Preparing the Fish
The best parts of the fish must be prepared into loins. Some simple methods are performed on certain fish to enhance the flavors as well.

Blending Sushi Rice Vinegar
Good sushi chefs will never use pre-mixed sushi rice vinegar and have their own secret recipe

Cooking Rice
There is a wide range in how the rice can taste depending on how it is prepared. Simple methods can make a big difference.

Making Rice for Sushi
Although not the star ingredient, the sushi rice can alter the way the sushi tastes, so chefs are extra cautious when preparing this.

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