Maintenance of Sushi Equipment – How Sushi is Made

sushi equipment
Sushi chefs only own a few sushi equipment but it is not an exaggeration to say that the knifes they own are the next important thing that come after their lives. Most professional sushi knifes are custom made, and can run up to over $5000, and they are used throughout the chefs whole career. They are sharpened daily, and then soaked in water overnight. This is done to wash the metallic scent (due to steel powder from sharpening) that can be transferred to the fish.


The cutting board, sushioke, (rice bucket) or hangiri (rice cutter), which are made of hinoki (Japanese cedar) are washed thoroughly and completely dried and sanitized before they are used again, so they own many of these just in case the drying is not complete. These equipment do not last as long as the sushi knife, and are frequently replaced when the cedar scents fade away.

Other equipment such as the bamboo roller,or makisudare (often abbrevieated as makisu or sudare), and cooking chopsticks are more frequently replaced. Graters that are used for daikon radishes, and ginger which are made of aluminum these days, require no replacements. The special shark skin grater used exclusively for wasabi may be replaced more frequently.

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