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How to Make Sushi Rice with Tools You Already Own

Alternate Sushi Rice RecipeHow to make Alternate Sushi Rice Recipe 1

You can make sushi rice with tools and equipment that you already have. The only difference its that you need to constantly fan the rice  since extra moisture will have to be evaporated when using a pyrex or plastic material. (Make sure to use non-reactive material since vinegar is used)  Do not use a bowl and try to find a  baking dish or tupper ware with a large flat surface so you can spread out the rice as much as possible.
Baking Dish and Spatula

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Prepare sushi rice vinegar in advance or use a pre-mixed sushi rice vinegar, and cook rice.

Alternate Sushi Rice Recipe 2  Alternate Sushi Rice Recipe 3
When the rice is ready,immediately transfer it to the baking dish while it is steaming hot.
Try to drop the rice (upside down out of the pot)towards the center of the bucket. While the
rice is still clumped together, evenly pour the sushi rice vinegar over the rice by dripping it
on the spatula. The vinegar will drain through the gaps between the rice.

Alternate Sushi Rice Reicpe 4
While cooling the rice with a fan (card board
used in image) use the spatula and quickly
flatten out the rice over the whole surface of
the baking dish. Do not use too much force
for it may smash or break the rice.

Alternate Sushi Rice Reicpe 5
Keep cooling the rice with the fan and gently
run the spatua through the rice in a grid pattern.
This is to icrease the surface area of the sushi
rice to cool it faster and make it easier to
flip in the next step.

Alternate Sushi Rice Reicpe 6


Starting from one side of the dish, use the
spatula to collect the rice to the side. Flip
small amounts of rice at a time, and make
as many flips as possible. (This cools the
rice evenly)

Alternate Sushi Rice Reicpe 7  Alternate Sushi Rice Reicpe 8
Now flip the rice with big scoops to flip the whole clump and reveal the bottom surface.
Spread out the rice over the whole surface of the baking dish once more. (Keep cooling the
rice with the fan)

Alternate Sushi Rice Reicpe 9
Give it a final cooling


Alternate Sushi Rice Reicpe 9  Alternate Sushi Rice Reicpe 11
Collect the rice to the other side while flipping in small amounts. Wet a paper towel and
cover the rice. (Done)